This thing I’m doing here, how to do it well

Justin Murphy’s work has appeared in IEEE Intelligent Systems, Foreign Affairs, International Studies Quarterly, and other peer-reviewed journals.

He left academia in 2019 to write and teach on the internet full-time.

Murphy publishes the Other Life newsletter and podcast from his home in Austin, Texas.

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If I am doing this work, to link into a network of conversation, why don’t I optimise the experience?

I would need to be clear about what I was optimising, it’s not income and it’s not exposure. What is it?

  • connect with people who have exciting ideas and education
  • connect to people who are doing things or will be doing things
  • a feed of information

The experiment is still to communicate peer to peer rather than broadcast BUT perhaps broadcast has value in finding connection

Broadcast has a negative value when it engages me with connections that are not focused on the project

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Emails to posts It appears to me that this provides an opportunity to receive emails to a p2pblog email address and forward it as a post Postie RSS Feeds to Posts then there is also the possibility of collecting RSS feeds, I believe I have a licence for an aggregator CyberSEO Pro A lifetime…

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We have an election over here, (Australia) this party has a policy on civil and digital libertiesI know it’s brief, but does it make any sense ?I have to vote tomorrow so it’s urgent, please

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Source: Saving the Socials: What If We Tried a Multipronged Approach? | Platform Cooperativism Consortium My interest is less in legislative and systems change and more in how can I save my socials I can: manage interoperability using this WordPress site and by choosing platforms Participate in community and cooperatives including Mastodon and specifically

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Source: using blogs to manage my content on FB – Google Search “The top cons of blogging directly on Facebook include: No organization tools: There’s no way to organize or categorize your Facebook blog posts. I can catalogue and categorise each post and keep a link here. I can use PressThis, I can also use…

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One-acre garden provides fruit, veggies and eggs for 50 families with very little labor More and more people are learning growing food doesn’t have to be hard work. When you work with nature instead of against it, it does much of the work for you. It’s called permaculture. While permaculture […] Source: One-Acre Permaculture Garden…

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It seems I can send Email to an account and then forward it to WordPress as posts Facebook gives you lots of ways to keep up with your feed; you can rely on Push notifications from the Facebook app on your iPhone, Android or Windows It appears to  me, having searched FB help for…

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