Cute Tabby Kitten on a Sofa

People aren’t going to read beyond a punchy headline and a picture

the issue is about how to communicate well without becoming evil

another issue is how to use FB more effectively

it’s about plain English, the desire to communicate rather than impress

it’s about getting a message out over and over which is not the same as engaging in conversation
Is it?

a complex argument tends to be broken down into a series of memes

what to do?

  • keep it short
  • think about a distributed conversation, comments rather than post
  • plain English unless the goal is to intimidate people
  • one idea at a time
  • reuse long form content and break it down
  • Be part of a team if only a lone wolf in a team
  • Systematically acknowledge the source of our material
  • (FB doesn’t make this easy
  • )

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