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Is this P2P and if not why not?I think provisionally that this is part of the opposite, this is mobilising crowds to buy JusticeJustice has always been a commodity most available to the highest bidder Mr Bauwens used this as an example, Roy HanflingI think that the underlying issue is that Justice is a…

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Troop of Kenyan baboons experiences temperament shift after all dominant adult males die in accident; Dr Robert M Sapolsky, Stanford University biology and neurology professor, and wife Dr Lisa J Share co-author research report on group known as Forest Troop; report is published in journal PloS Biology; holds that swing toward pacifism and affection between tribe members has carried over to new males entering group; contend that other examples of animal multiculturalism exist, but are more task specific than global code of behavior witnessed within Forest Troop; photos (M)

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