Free Motorcycle campsite 2 hours from Brisbane

with an animal camera whatrever animals but also do the full sky, find a musician to sponsor might do a little campfire philosophy reading from stoicism 🙂
read that stocism book

The draft article

the plan might be to do a website and integrate strongly with a FB page

the camps might be illegal go with it but part of the point is to circumnavigate the law 🙂
I think I am not camping, i am resting as an old dude should do
I put up a hammock or a bed for comfort sake, up an down in seconds and sleep in clothing so that I can get up and go quickly if i want to

The point is access to the commons and the land and skills maybe alternative skills

key word are #stealthcamping, #bushcraft, #wildcamping, #roadtrip #fulltimetravel #motocamping

the relationship with homeless people #homeless is fraught especially American homeless

monetisation of products, really cheap products via whoever will monetise me ask for donations for a new scooter


The trick is with a motorcycle. a cameo tarp and the right clothes you could camp anywhere but might as well wake up to a view


Morton Island

the ferry trip drops that of the list

Mount Glorious

Lamington National park






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