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I think the Nazis use this “social contract” argument:

Nazis are fascist

They believe in an overarching state,

that dictates behaviour and that anyone who deviates from the social rules, loses the “protection” of the state and is treated with total intolerance.


Contracts are mutually consensual, i don’t remember being asked to sign a ‘social contract” ?

I can’t “break” a contract that I have never freely agreed to,

can I?


I don’t see a rule anywhere that states that we have to be intolerant of people not covered by our social contract?

Maybe, we could choose to be tolerant and kind to the intolerant, the rules don’t say.



interesting argument


Our “social contract” as it stands is pretty sucky IMHO.

Too much inequality, intolerance and punishment.

I wouldn’t willingly sign up for that.


If I was participating in drafting a contract

I would suggest that we can be tolerant of opinions but place strong boundaries on behaviours that harm others – same boundaries for everyone, naturally

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