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Lesa Grammer Henson thank you, good question

I am attempting as admin to keep this group to its purpose and encourage people who want to proselytise to take it elsewhere.

There are plenty of places for that.

I think that an admin has certain duties and when

I look at some other groups where admins don’t fulfil their duties, It’s enormous fun for some and a very unsafe place for the rest of us.

I like the idea that admins work within the

rule of law, I don’t just impose my will on others I try hard to follow the rules, this is my way of trying not to control others.

I have to make my own interpretation so the process is not perfect – I am grateful for feedback.

The rule in question is this one:

“If you are pushing a cause that isn’t related to “schizophrenia” there are other places to take it.”

We have discussed this a few times but I think there is a difference between expressing your religious beliefs and pushing a cause, i don’t know where M. EL Galang was going

We can work together to change these rules if you want?

Hi Lesa Grammer Henson 🙂

I also have concerns that many people here find Christianity triggering, and if people want religion there are places for that – their choice

I remove quite a lot of spam, haemorrhoid cures and micro-dosing, I just get rid of them

With religious spammers, I try to be more open and I attempt conversation

(why are they almost always Christians)

With M. EL Galang, I noticed his first post and saw that it was funny

I sent him a link to our rules, it was his first post


He immediately sent another religious


I was heading out the door so I couldn’t sit and see what his next move was, so I put his posts on “approval” and invited him to make choices

He hasn’t posted anything else yet so the issue is unresolved.

I could be wrong

Thankyou for raising the issue

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