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We’re really excited to have Forrest Landry as our guest today on the podcast. Forrest is a philosopher,
a writer, a researcher, a large scale software systems designer, and much else besides. He’s also a
businessman who places ethics and metaphysics at the core of his business model. Forrest has spent
decades refining his thinking on metaphysics, his connection to realism, freewill and choice, among
other fundamental concerns and many of his writings are available on his website and
I can highly recommend them. He’s also turned his attention to questions of civilizational design, and
the importance of value ethics in the context of mounting complexity and global systemic risk,
connecting that big picture frame to the micro Forrest and collaborators are currently working also on a
project that they call ephemeral group processing, which uses technology to facilitate and scale face to
face conversations in a way which has only recently become possible.

Source: transcript_global_governance_futures_forrest_landry.pdf

worth a read later 🙂

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