A strong defense against online misinformation may be to administer a digital vaccine: Exposing yourself to common deception methods may help you recognize sensationalized headlines, misleading TikToks, or social media fabrications in the future. In collaboration with Google and its tech unit Jigsaw, a team of psychologists added short videos to YouTube’s ad lineup, educating people about how to spot common misinformation tactics. In an online campaign, they found these clips were an effective way to get people to identify what’s real and what’s fake news.

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Now, do all narcissistic people have the same traits associated with this personality disorder? No. Not much less. And it is that depending on the way in which the “symptomatology” is expressed, narcissism can be classified into different types. And in today’s article, from the hand of the most prestigious scientific publications and with the will to raise awareness that narcissism is not a personality trait, but a disorder, we are going to analyze the different profiles of narcissistic people.

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Irina Grigor demonstrated how the way Ukrainians were portrayed on Russian state television changed from a brother nation to aggressive fascists.

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He said Sky News Australia was now having a “disproportionate contribution to global climate misinformation”. “We see the content shared through denier networks across the globe.”

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A risk first described almost 30 years ago is now mature. Source: The Threat of Cyberwar Has Finally Arrived – The Atlantic   To clarify the future risks, they laid out two scenarios, each of which would get its own moniker: There was cyberwar, and also netwar. The latter—with its dated reference to the “net”—feels…

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