I’ve been working with FB for a while:

It has it’s positives

  1. There are other people
  2. .

It has it’s negatives

  1. Some of the other people
    I find I spend a lot of my time “correcting the uninformed”
    I’m not sure if this is a useful way to spend my life
  2. The event horizon
    The way a conversation disappears into time and it’s quite hard to find it again (Garden)
    It would be nice to dig into the depths
  3. A limited editor
    Html7 has some interesting potential, none of which will be realised by FB
  4. The “group think”, I have friend, with whom, I have no friends in common. We still get the same posts

So as an improvement I should

address the negative from above

  • Some of the other people,
    “correcting the uniformed” should be a minor automated task,
    as in a way should posting anything to FB
  • The event horizon
    Use this alternative system taking advantage of categories and hyperlinks
  • A limited editor

take on some new functions

  1. hyperlink and have more than one post open at the same time this helps to schedule divergent idea
  2. put drafts at the top of the list, I can assign DRAFT as a category, I can build on drafts incrementally
  3. standardise my idiosyncratic layout, a style guide
    what is possible (is there a hyperlink plugin)
    heading can form a complete narrative
  4. a place to separate my process from communicating to the world

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