The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication

Wonderful article thanks, Michel Bauwens as a member of a p2p group my question is “what can I do, how can I usefully behave.”

I like this answer

“Finally, even though most contexts do not currently support it, there is some personal responsibility that can be taken. Despite the escalating culture war, individuals can cultivate the skills of good faith communication and demonstrate its value as a social good. You can practice disagreeing in ways that maintain relational integrity and respect. Reflect on values. Notice bad faith tactics. Hold politicians, officials, journalists, your friends, and yourself to a higher standard of communication.

To get started you could consider the common strategies of bad faith communication in Box 2 and practice the opposing strategies for good faith. But understand that highly skilled, non-naive good faith communication cannot be made routine. There is not a formula or practice or technology that assures it—and nor should there be. Any approach that becomes a recognized signal of “good faith!” will then be faked in bad faith. Individuals must therefore continually innovate in their approach to communication. We must work together always to find new ways to break the hegemony of bad faith. This should be done as if the future of civilization depends on it—because it does.”

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Roy Hanfling

I think there is always going to be an arms race originating with the people who fight and can’t trust

I am guessing that our best response is attitudinal, not strategies

I’m guessing key personal atitudes include:

– we have nothing to defend, if we are wrong we win by becoming right.

– compassion for self and others, the fearful combative people won’t improve by being threatened or punished

– listen to people, hear their stories, people need desperately to be heard.

– seek the truth, there are simple truths and simple checkable facts, avoid nitpicking and straw-manning


– maybe we need to relax with the fact that some angry people will become angry but acknowledge that if they do OUR communication has failed 🙂

I could be wrong, I know how to be wrong, I was married twice


I confess I definitely have some work to do to reach these aspirations 🙂

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