The Art of Memetics

page 152

“Humanity was captured long ago by the meme of civilization, and ever since civilization has been working on humanity’s domestication.

Domesticated animals are treated in a different manner than wild beasts. The emphasis shifts from finding and capturing individuals to managing and controlling the herd. The herders hand down schedules to determine in advance where the individuals will be, and when they’ll be there. They worry about tracking the herd in clusters, and as long as the individuals remain within the bounds they’ve set, they’ll overlook the intricacies of individual set, they’ll overlook the intricacies of individual behaviors.

It is only those who stray out from the edges of the herd that the herders send the dogs after the lone individual, although it’s important to realize in this metaphor that even the dogs the herders send out are domesticated.

Domesticated animals are the most predictable of all, as even their straying are predictable so the herders eventually forget how to cope with the truly unpredictable.”

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  1. I think it’s amazing that the deviants, those who have not harnessed themselves to the system find a need to declare themselves – why?
    Do people enjoy being punished?

    Be who you are but don’t be too noisy about it and you will be fine


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