• I am interested in working collaboratively with you on projects that interest me, and that I think are consistent with my values, and are socially useful.
  • I usually don’t need to be paid money but could do.
  • Contact me if you have something interesting in mind.

Current activities

I guess this blog chronicles what I am doing these days, it’s not very pretty, I can do pretty.


I have worked with a number of organisations and individual whose values and practices I agree with on a range of projects.

  • I have worked with Self Help Queensland working on the website and IT and Communication Support since 2016.
  • I have built and maintained several FB pages and groups and some Websites.
  • I retired and spend 5 years wandering around the country between 2012 – 2016.
  • I taught recovery based mental health and communication and counseling at Southbank TAFE for 10 years 2002 -2012.
  • I worked with people with a mental illness diagnosis and their families, friends and supports with Arafmi 2006 -2011, Disability Services Queensland 2005-2006, The Mental Health Association 2004-2005, Open Minds (Wattle League), 1996 – 2005, Centacare 2002- 2005, Richmond Fellowship 1991-1996.
  • In collaboration with many others I set up and managed Open Minds, P300, de-institutionalisation program.
  • A long time ago 1983 to 1988 I worked for Corrective Service NSW and in the Special Care Unit, it was an experience.

I have values and beliefs and I tell you this because I won’t work against these values

  • I value community, truth, beauty, reason, freedom and personal autonomy.
  • I am very sure that our climate is changing because of human activities and if we don’t respond soon things will get very bad for us and other species.
  • I participate in the gift economy so money is not a big issue.

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