questions for the schizophrenia groups

questions for SCHIZ

  • who here has special skills or qualifications to share
  • success in managing a life with a diagnosis
  • managed to
  • psychologist, psychiatrist
  • FB skills
    Where do you live?
    does your family understand your needs
    what helps you feel safe
    are you recovering from your diagnosis, most people recover from schizophrenia how is your recovery going
    does your family help you
    what advice would you give someone with a brand new diagnosis
    what is your diagnosis – does the diagnosis describe your problems
    they say we should never ask “what is wrong with you” . What happened to you
    do you smoke weed, does it help or harm you?
    what’s the best way of getting to sleep
    do you have kids, hows does that work out?
  • who here has special skills or qualifications to share
  • success in managing a life with a diagnosis
  • managed to
  • psychologist, psychiatrist
  • FB skills
    who do you live with
    Are you in a relationship
    Do you play games, which is the best one
    When did you first notice you had mental health issues?
    Do you get periods of psychosis, mania, depression etc
    Do you have problems with paranoia, what do you do that helps the most
    What works to help make our memory work better
    Do you work, Paid or Unpaid, what the best kind of work
    Does anyone get tactile hallucinations
    Do you smoke tobacco
    How important are your spiritual or religious beliefs in your life
    Is meditation or mindfullness useful to you
    Is anyone a carer, how is it going?
    What are good hobbies for people with a diagnosis
    Do you have PTSD from your experiences
    Have you had good or bad experiences with hospitals, did you ever get to spend Christmas in hospital?
    have you ever had out of body experiences?
    What’s your favourite music, drop in a youtube link to show us
    If you could go back in time what’s one thing would you tell your younger self
    Do you draw, show us something?
    Do you sometimes have trouble communicating – how?
    Do you have a super power
    What a some good tips for people who find it hard to make decisions?
    What are the best ways to get on with your voices?
    what’s you most mindblowing dream ?
    do you tell people you have a Schizophrenis diagnosis, how do they react?
    do you have weight gain, what works with keeping the weight down
    Do you get lonely
    Do you get extreme headaches
    Do you sometimes think you can read minds or that others can read your mind
    Are people diagnosed with schizophrenia more artistic and creative
    Some one told me that people with really low IQs can’t get “schizophrenia”, is this true
    Does anyone live in england, south america, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia
    Put up a picture of yourself, you win if you are better looking than me
    Where is the best place to get online therapy or support
    Has anyone been cured, how do that happen?
    Can “schizophrenia” mess with how you think
    Are you good at problem solving, how do you do that?
    Has your diagnosis changed?
    Did anyone ever get Tardive Dyskinesia from their meds, what was done about it
    Have you tried fasting, what is it good for?
    How do you manage anxiety
    Have you seen A Beautiful Mind are there oher inspiring movies about “schizophrenia”
    Do you know about the “Mad in America” website, are they useful
    Drop a gif that best describes your mood right now
    How do you start your day guys

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