On being polite..

I’m happy to honour people’s preferred pronouns, who would know better than them?

I have always been uncomfortable with being identified as a “real man” myself.


If a mother doesn’t identify as a “real woman” and prefers to be called a “birthing person”, i am happy to take the trouble to do that – why not?

If a person takes a lot of trouble and even surgery to establish their identity who am I to contradict them?

When a I see a beautiful young person with purple hair and flawless skin, I will probably take time to find out what their preferred pronouns are. It’s easy enough, they can be “they” or “Mx. Rothmundee” until I am, informed differently.

It’s not a big deal for me, personally.

I would prefer no honorific just “Roy”,
I don’t identify as a colour, I don’t answer to “white”,
my gender is “old”, it really is.

Call me anything you like just don’t call me late for dinner.

I know it matters a lot to some people, why not treat them with consideration?

My grand-kids and I, are playing with it at the moment, they are calling me “granddad” one prefers “granfarter”

I would prefer to be “roy”.
It was the same with my kids, eventually we settled on “roy” when they wanted to treat me like an equal and “daddy”when they wanted something. 🙂

I try to frame it to the grand-kids from their perspective.
Would she prefer to be called “Ivy” or “grandottle”?
Does she want to be a person of part of a collective role?

I prefer to be a person rather than a role, I know this is not standard for our culture.

It’s not hard to be polite, if she wants to be called “Grandottle Ivy”?

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