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Resources for the mental health groups and pages, I help with

  • Azolla – Climate Foundation

    Source: Azolla – Climate Foundation

  • Right to Roam

    Ours is a wild and a beautiful island. But the vast majority of it is unknown to us because, by law of trespass, we are banned from setting foot on it. We are excluded from hundreds of thousands of acres of open space – of woodland, meadows, rivers and their banks – simply because ancient laws of ownership fail to recognise the importance of nature to the public.

  • P2P Lab ← research collective

    Source: P2P Lab ← research collective   The P2P Lab is an interdisciplinary research collective focused on the commons. Our aim is to: strive for integrative insights on the open-source technologies and practices; write, edit and publish articles, reports, and books on a diverse range of topics we investigate; organise events for reflection and action…

  • About • Science for the People Magazine

    Science for the People (SftP), the most important radical science movement in US history, arose in 1969 out of the anti-war movement and lasted until 1989. With a Marxist analysis and non-hierarchical governing structure, SftP tackled, among many issues: militarization of scientific research, corporate control of research agenda, political implications of sociobiology and other scientific…

  • Offers and Needs Market

    Imagine you had… A simple way to build trust, community, and confidence. A joyful way to help people connect, build partnerships, and meet each other’s needs. An inclusive way to guide communities through challenging times. An effective way to reduce environmental impact. … there is a way. The Offers and Needs Market (OANM) is a two-hour guided process where community members meet (virtually or in person) to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, opportunities, and needs. From finding a place to live or a creative partner to offering graphic design services, public speaking techniques or even a special food recipe, anything’s possible at an Offers and Needs Market!

  • Evonomics

    Launched in October 2015 by founding editor Robert Kadar with support from Joe Brewer, David Sloan Wilson, The Evolution Institute, and Steve Roth, Evonomics has emerged as a powerful voice for the sea change that is sweeping through economics. Evonomics’ content attracts hundreds of thousands of readers a month, and it touches millions of people a week across the web.

  • Types of Commons – The International Association for the Study of the Commons

    Traditional examples of commons include forests, fisheries, or groundwater resources, but increasingly the term commons is used for a broader set of domains, e.g. knowledge commons, digital commons, urban commons, health commons, cultural commons, etc. The study of governing shared resources is therefore not restricted to the original domain of natural resources; the IASC brings…