job description for volunteers

Social Media

  • Please be careful with passwords. Passwords need to be regularly changed and the manager and other admins need to be informed of the changes
  • Please stay on the topic of Support Groups Queensland, please avoid contentious or off topic posts, please check with the support team
  • Posts will be monitored by a support team which might include, the Manager,other members of the Social Media team and MC or MC nominee.
  • If someone is writing unsuitable comments please immediately block their account and consult with the your support team. Be careful on the internet. On the FB page your personal identity is protected, please check with your support team if you experience any difficulties
  • If someone makes a complaint to you, it would usually appropriate to initially remove the contested material and to consult with your support team.
    Please document these consultation, emails are fine. It might be useful to refer complainants to our complaints process if the compliant wishes to follow a more formal process

Photography and other recording media

  • In Queensland in broad terms you are are often legally able to take photos or video of people, including children, on public property without their permission –  we don’t do this
  • We require you to get verbal permission from people before you photograph them and before we publish photographs, to seek and document specific permissions.
    We don’t need to get permission from people in the background if you are not sure consult with your support team
  • People may at anytime decline or rescind permission, if this involves already published material please consult with your support team
  • As a volunteer, photographs you take on our behalf belong to Support Groups Queensland.


Taking photographs and other images




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