I also call BS, David Baker but i thought I’d put a little effort into explaining why
Jesus also:
– taught us to split people and gods, into good and bad and dissociated people and gods from themselves.
– he continued the rituals of retribution, punishment and “justice” that causes so much harm and cruelty even today.
– he taught that we should live our lives like it was a shadow of our real lives, in anticipation of a “real life” for the compliant minority.
This is such an old con, “give me all your money now and I will pay you back a 1000 fold when you are dead”
– the religion is constantly proselytising, forcing it’s values on other people. Think missionaries and slavers and those with incredible arrogance to tell other people who they can love and marry
– it is still a religion of social control. Opposing the kings and priest get you eternal death or eternal torture depending on which Christian is telling the story.
– his religion is solidly apocalyptic, Christians are cheering on the end of the world, sometimes it seems like they are actively working towards it, like some comic book evil villains
– he supported hierarchies and control, he is the master and never repudiated the actions of old genocidal psychopathic Gods
– he encouraged passivity, encouraged people to talk to an imaginary friend rather than get actively involved in building a better world or life.
– he sold us a religion where the sacraments are cannibalism, it is a death cult and this became evident over the year.
We are so used to this that it doesn’t set off alarm bells
If you accept the mythology as “real” , Jesus was magic and he set the world on a course, he was the foundation of his churches and they are a nightmare, aren’t they?
Jesus can’t be separated from his Churches, they are eternal an magical and everything that eventuated was part of their will
I think these efforts to bring Christianity back to “Jesus” is like polishing a turd, the religion is 2000 years old it is barbaric and cruel and it blocks progress.
I see a lot of Christians aspiring to “goodness”, and being defeated, this is such a Christian double bind 🙂
You can’t make an ancient death cult into anything that supports humanity and kindness because it’s a death cult and you waste a lot of time and lives trying.
I blame Jesus for Capitalism as well but that’s another story

I see people call Jesus, “The Prince of Peace”
not as it turned out
This is the problem, in a desperate attempt to “polish the turd” Christians take words and turn them on their heads:
– LOVE becomes overbearing cruelty, guilt and workhouse charity
– GENEROSITY becomes conditional manipulation, control and inequality
– FORGIVENESS becomes this insatiable need to punish and hurt, people who “deserve it”
and no
it’s not just the decadent churches
Jesus’s words planted this tree and this is what it has become

I used to be relatively liberal about all this
As we drift closer and closer to ecological and social collapse, I am more an more concerned that we address the underlying causes

The meme made me splutter, so beautifully holy an perfect and yet not I am thinking about these things a lot these day. What is the cause of the oncoming social and ecological disasters ?We can blame out of control Capitalism but deeper still is this Christian frame work that has dominated those countries.My point is that Jesus’s words are probably the core of the issues, there are really bizarre things, if we can strain our brain to think about it.butEven for me it’s a strain, I was bought up in this culture to accept say, “drinking imaginary blood as a sacrament”, Jesus said that.These are Jesus’s churches, ask them. If they evolved they evolved under Jesus’s hand, or so the story goes. Whatever they are, they areAnd if what they are, is harmful, and we seem to agree it is, they need to be examined deeply. Throwing away the really bad bits, calling them the “enemy” and giving it all another polish isn’t going to help?There are other issues about punishment and justice, control and hierarchy, the dichotomies and denials and the aggressive proselytising and determined interference with a secular society that are less spectacular but really very edgy and dangerous when we come to think about it.If we can bring ourselves to think about itPaul’s response is fascinating, I am also in sympathy with him, he won’t engage with the issues I raised in this thread, it must be difficult for him.There is still this determination to separate the tree from it’s fruits.good to make contact 🙂

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