Is this the right space?

Mine, probably

Is this the right space
Can we talk about dying?
Or will we stick to politics

I looked at my mandarins last night and thought “if I die tonight, they will be wasted”
I can’t be the only one,
we know the clock is ticking

I’m like everyone, it could be 10 seconds time, it could be 20 year (as if 🙂 )

It’s interesting:
– I don’t mind, there is quite a lot of pain and an end will be Ok.

– I’ve been dead a couple of times before, there is no particular inconvenience.

– No one wants to talk about it much, it upsets the kids, one tells me to be positive.
Maybe we could talk here?

– I think about a next life but without any real conviction.
If I could begin without the family trauma to sort through, I could be Bill Gates in another life, maybe?

– I’m very alone with this,
funny how there is no discussion, no counselling, no selfhelp courses and no products to help me deal with this,
and yet I am NOT alone.
We are a multitude, “those who are about to die”.

– I am a bit impatient, these days.

How is it for you?
If you give me religious stuff, I will probably ignore you 🙂


3 Comments on "Is this the right space?"

  1. I heard that there were attempts to establish a lobby group for the dying, our rights are tenuous
    Apparently they couldn’t maintain a stable membership

    I posted this blog post to the Seniors Forum on Facebook
    Interesting conversation
    YOU can’t see it unless you are a member or join

    There is another one discussing pain in old age

    Also an interesting conversation, thanks to everyone who contributed



  2. I have a theory
    I told that Steven
    My son who died

    You know I
    Love you
    He looked at me

    And said
    As he had as a wee child
    I love you mum

    Please forgive me
    For all the errors of my way
    Please forgive me me mum
    I’m sorry

    Me too
    Me too
    Me three
    Me four

    He died
    You see
    A few days later
    At peace with me Ana hat peace with he



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