Do you want me to make you, a website for next to nothing?

“Why on earth would I want a website ????”

Maybe you want to experiment with running your own micro-business

A business needs a website .

Websites can be useful for all kinds of things;

  • a blog to change the world,
  • to sell stuff,
  • a central point for your club or association,
  • an online business card,
  • whatever.

I’m happy to consider helping with anything that isn’t evil. .

What about domain names, hosting don’t they cost $AU?” gives away FREE website hosting I am deliberately using FREE WordPress for this sales site to help show what is possible. The main drawback is the advertising, it’s a bit ugly. Have a look and see what you think.

Your FREE domain name might look like this
Mine is, I’m happy enough with that.

If you want to spend a little bit of money, probably less that $100 a year, you can have your own host, domain name, no advertisements and a lot more flexibility.

What would you charge me for a website, Roy?

i get a bit bored, i would consider making your website for free

What would it cost? – nothingish?

“a website for nothing, you are kidding?”

This is my hobby, it’s about making the world a better, more connected place, not money for me.

If I want a WordPress site, what do I need to do, NOW?

Step 1) contact me, we can talk about your ideas

Step 2) we can get to work

I can do a range of other things for money or NO money. Just talk to me and we will sort out your needs.