Faith, Hope and the Evilest of these is Charity

I think that HOPE causes a lot of pain 🙂I try just to be present and in the now and have NO hope.I notice it walking on a hot day:If I think forward to getting home and a cool drink, I am dissatisfied and uncomfortable because I am not there.If I am present, enjoying the walk and the sunshine and the exercise, I am complete and happy.Then when I get home I try to be present and grateful for the drink and the cool.Hope causes pain 🙂and at my age, I can and will, lose everything in a second anyway, there is no hope.But being present now is joyful.

FAITH is “believing things without evidence”.In fact it’s “pretending to believe things without evidence” because no one can really believe something without evidence.I think FAITH is the foundation of most of the cruelties and barbarities in our society.

..and CHARITY.Is about making us feel good at the expense of people less fortunate. Charitable people will cut your legs out from underneath you, if you disturb the “one up – one down” relationship that they enjoy.

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