I come from a culture that values equality that thinks that we are not responsible for the sins of our fathers or mothersI would like to see effort put into establishing equality in public life and that might mean addressing historical damages.I think that tribalism can cause a lot of harm and hatred and my culture supports people freely associating as they choose and of setting up regulations that bind them in these associationI don’t believe that anyone own the land and that in fact we are owned by the land, this becomes very evident when the atoms of our body return to the land and the land enduresI think that violence should be a last option and that there is one race and that is the human raceI look forward to the times where the colour of a persons skin is of no more significance than the colour of their eyes – we aren’t there yetThere is still a lot of work to be done an a lot of trauma to work throughandIt doesn’t really matter what I think 🙂If I was asked I wouldn’t support reparation across generation when people had passed, just equality now

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