I think a destructive narrative is being actively and intelligently proselyted. It is something I oppose

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Models 1 and 2 Source: Argyris and Schon: elements of their models   Models 1 and 2 We mentioned earlier a number of possible governing values, including “maximise winning and minimise losing” and “minimise expressing negative feelings”.  Some of these governing values tend to cluster together to form what might be called world views. Argyris…

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Source: Facebook it’s a double bindthey say you destroyed themthey say you don’t get to say how much What say– they weren’t really destroyed– if they were destroyed, I didn’t destroy them I need a template to analyse these thingsIn a way, they are so embedded they are invisable making them visible nullifies them

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Very few of us are able to quickly adapt to stressful situations. Harvard psychologist Dr. Courtney Warren shares the powerful phrases that the most emotionally resilient people say every day. Source: Harvard psychologist: If you use any of these 9 phrases, ‘you’re more emotionally resilient than most’

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I’ve been looking lately at some of the dark narratives that are systematically propagated across the internet Some of it is Christain and religious stuff, that has it’s own darkness Some of it seems to come from people recovering from addiction they have religious zeal but they still have an odd mindset Joker…

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Leaked emails give a glimpse of the religious-right networks behind transgender healthcare bans. Source: Inside the Secret Working Group That Helped Push Anti-Trans Laws Across the Country – Mother Jones

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This “white” stuff gets up my nose
as far as I can see “white” was a term invented not so long ago to justify exploiting people
“white” is not a skin colour
“white” is definitely not a “race”
“white” is basically a gang of robbers and membership of this gang is not something to be proud of.
I don’t and won’t belong to that gang

I’m not colourblind, I know that these old an ugly categories have immense impact on people’s lives.
The direction to go is out of it

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A strong defense against online misinformation may be to administer a digital vaccine: Exposing yourself to common deception methods may help you recognize sensationalized headlines, misleading TikToks, or social media fabrications in the future. In collaboration with Google and its tech unit Jigsaw, a team of psychologists added short videos to YouTube’s ad lineup, educating people about how to spot common misinformation tactics. In an online campaign, they found these clips were an effective way to get people to identify what’s real and what’s fake news.

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In this article, the so-called ‘anti-woke’ culture war is deconstructed through the notions of metapolitics in fascist discourses – linked to the Gramscian ‘hegemonisation’ and ‘the war of position’ – as well as the Schmittian friend/enemy distinction coupled with theories of deviance and moral panics. The appropriation of the neo-fascist culture war discourse by the mainstream right in the UK is analysed discursively, combining political discourse analysis, the discourse-historical approach and discourse-conceptual analysis. The anti-woke culture war by the British conservative party as well as rightwing media will serve to analyse how social justice struggles like anti-racism, anti-sexism and pro-LGBTQ rights are being abnormalised and positioned as extreme deviant political positions. Linked to this, so-called ‘cancel culture’ is strategically deployed by dominant groups to neutralise contestations against racist, sexist and anti-LGBTQ views. Finally, freedom of speech and the right to offend is weaponised to protect racist and discriminatory language and to position these idea’s as valid opinions worthy of democratic debate.

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ANALYSIS: The terrifying confluence of anti-trans thinkers, American evangelicals, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists and global purveyors of dark money poses a much bigger threat than you might realize Source: How the far-right is turning feminists into fascists | Xtra Magazine A lot of the Orwellian attacks don’t make sense as individual actions but as social action,…

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Now, do all narcissistic people have the same traits associated with this personality disorder? No. Not much less. And it is that depending on the way in which the “symptomatology” is expressed, narcissism can be classified into different types. And in today’s article, from the hand of the most prestigious scientific publications and with the will to raise awareness that narcissism is not a personality trait, but a disorder, we are going to analyze the different profiles of narcissistic people.

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Irina Grigor demonstrated how the way Ukrainians were portrayed on Russian state television changed from a brother nation to aggressive fascists.

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Protecting the human rights of people born with variations in sex characteristics in the context of medical interventions Source: Ensuring health and bodily integrity (2021) | Australian Human Rights Commission Despite the hysteria and the political pressures , there are some well though you principles and values I would prefer not to debate other people’s…

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He said Sky News Australia was now having a “disproportionate contribution to global climate misinformation”. “We see the content shared through denier networks across the globe.”

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A risk first described almost 30 years ago is now mature. Source: The Threat of Cyberwar Has Finally Arrived – The Atlantic   To clarify the future risks, they laid out two scenarios, each of which would get its own moniker: There was cyberwar, and also netwar. The latter—with its dated reference to the “net”—feels…

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Over the course of thousands of bits of hate mail, I estimate that about 50% ended up saying, in substance: “Thank you for discussing this issue with me. I agree with you now”; and about 25% ended up saying, in substance: “Thank you for discussing this issue with me. I don’t agree with you, but it is good that you stand up for what you believe”. The other 25% remained entirely unconvinced and, I assume, continued to vote for John Howard.

What struck me in all this was the story Tim had told me. I guessed that the people who wrote to me – and who did not expect a reply – were so alienated from the community that their only means of expressing their an

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Is this P2P and if not why not?I think provisionally that this is part of the opposite, this is mobilising crowds to buy JusticeJustice has always been a commodity most available to the highest bidder Mr Bauwens used this as an example, Roy HanflingI think that the underlying issue is that Justice is a…

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Troop of Kenyan baboons experiences temperament shift after all dominant adult males die in accident; Dr Robert M Sapolsky, Stanford University biology and neurology professor, and wife Dr Lisa J Share co-author research report on group known as Forest Troop; report is published in journal PloS Biology; holds that swing toward pacifism and affection between tribe members has carried over to new males entering group; contend that other examples of animal multiculturalism exist, but are more task specific than global code of behavior witnessed within Forest Troop; photos (M)

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