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A recent NIMH co-authored study shows that a Department of Veterans Affairs suicide prevention program was associated with fewer inpatient mental health admissions and emergency department visits, and a 5 percent reduction in documented suicide attempts.

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This webinar will discuss some of the critical pre-award grant management processes and milestones, including but not limited to roles and responsibilities from different NIMH officials, review of the project budget, and collection of Just in Time information.

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NIMH-supported researchers have found an online mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy—called Mindful Mood Balance—is effective at reducing residual depressive symptoms and at reducing suicidal ideation in those who experience these symptoms.

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Dr. Gates is a theoretical physicist known for his work on supersymmetry, supergravity, and superstring theory. He will present on how looking at genetics and networks led to solving a quantum gravity problem.

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By Emma Young. Finding suggests link between Dark Triad and misconduct could be broken if students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

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