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– a lot of decision-making is delegated to the “management support team” i.e the people who do the actual work

– that several of the proposition has proven to be impractical, like returning account balances to zero when people leave

– “administrative fees” have never worked, we end up billing inactive accounts

– clause 18, is bizarre, I would imagine the intent is to ask people not to pretend to represent BrisLETS in public forums as it is, it attempts to control activities that BrisLETS has no control over.

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Post thumbnail 28 Resolutions of management committee without meeting (1) A written resolution signed by each member of the management committee is as valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a committee meeting that was properly called and held. (2) A resolution mentioned in sub-rule (1) may consist of several documents in like…

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Having searched the constitution and surveyed the act I see no scope for mandates or orders in our constitution?No powers only duties President 22 Meetings of the management committee (9) The president is to preside as chairperson at a managementcommittee meeting.34 3) At each general meeting—(a) the president is to preside as chairperson; and(b) if…

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