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Table of Contents
License 1
Authorship 1
Index 2
Introduction 2
This Document 2
The CES 2
The BrisLETS Management Committee 2
Managing the BrisLETS Community Exchange System (QLD) 2
Managing our Website 3
Access; Admins. Editors 3
Making Posts and assigning categories 3
Publishing the Newsletter 3
Backups 3
Getting Help 3
Newsletters 3
Facebook Groups 3
Trade days at The Peace Hall 3
Managing Membership 3
Terms and conditions 3
The Constitution 3
Promotion 3
Managing Conflict 4
Complaints Policy 4
Best practices in Trading 4
CES for Traders 4

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1) We have to make it a safe environment so there should be NO personal attacks. Complaints are another issue but a complaint requires more than just attacking someone in our public forums

2) Admin can’t just delete post and comments that irritate or distress them, these are official records

3) Records need to maintained, even if someone’s comments or posts are removed there needs to be a record

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I was trained in TA, seriously, for work as well not just as a hobby. I particularly like the ideas about “games” ‘Blemish’ – this falls into the party games category and is a game in which you are insecure about yourself and cannot feel comfortable in any interactions until you have found some sort…

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– a lot of decision-making is delegated to the “management support team” i.e the people who do the actual work

– that several of the proposition has proven to be impractical, like returning account balances to zero when people leave

– “administrative fees” have never worked, we end up billing inactive accounts

– clause 18, is bizarre, I would imagine the intent is to ask people not to pretend to represent BrisLETS in public forums as it is, it attempts to control activities that BrisLETS has no control over.

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Policies are a set of agreed guidelines about what and why our organisation does what it doesProcedures are about how to do these things. They need to be documented and published and they are usually open to change as circumstance change Writing policies and procedures usually takes some particular skills and all stakeholders should be…

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Post thumbnail 28 Resolutions of management committee without meeting (1) A written resolution signed by each member of the management committee is as valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a committee meeting that was properly called and held. (2) A resolution mentioned in sub-rule (1) may consist of several documents in like…

Read More I admired the process that Kelly Watts used to get agreement from the committee to spend association funds

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Eleanor Sharman 23/October/2022 Author 1. The first stage of addressing disrespect is to ‘call it out’. This involves telling someone specifically and objectively what it was that YOU experienced that was inappropriate. You make an ‘I’ statement. Eg “I find it………(offensive /inaccurate etc) when you say ……(repeat the specific words or observed behaviour).” 2. Next,…

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The poem goes When love has gone there is always justiceWhen justice is gone there is always forceWhen force has gone there is always love someone Most of us would prefer to live in a loving trusting environment but things happen and so we cooperate with each other based on law and professionalism. It works……

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Learn how to set up a membership area on your website using built-in features of WordPress in this nifty step-by-step tutorial!
Let’s say that you (or your client) want to set up a membership area on a WordPress site with little to no money to spend on web development (sounds familiar?)
Whenever I hear someone mention that they want to set up a members-only area on their site (it happens a lot when you mingle with businesses who want to go ‘fully digital’, trust me!), the first thing I want to do is find out what they need and want to achieve.
Do they really need a fully automated membership site hosted on a dedicated server with all the bells and whistles, or just a basic way to protect access to some content for a specific user group?

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Having searched the constitution and surveyed the act I see no scope for mandates or orders in our constitution?No powers only duties President 22 Meetings of the management committee (9) The president is to preside as chairperson at a managementcommittee meeting.34 3) At each general meeting—(a) the president is to preside as chairperson; and(b) if…

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To strengthen your association’s ability to manage disputes, we recommend that you:

  • appoint a member to be in charge of receiving and dealing with complaints
  • set up a system to record, track and monitor complaints
  • keep a record of any complaint that goes to mediation or court.

You should also consider adopting a grievance procedure. If you do not have a grievance procedure, the OFT has a draft example which you can use.

Read More As a legal association we need to have a dispute resolution process

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I am thinking today about how to work together in small groups of volunteers Specifically in the emerging BrisLETS MC The first point for me is that we are volunteers so “directives” “orders” and coercion are a shallow bluff. If we want someone’s cooperation we need to invite it. It’s much “easier” when you hold…

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Because: We are a Not For Profit and it is really unusual to pay committee members. We are NOT BP If committee members are unpaid volunteers they have a lot of legal protection under Queensland law It is a very bad look when traders are selling soap at 1UNIT and Committee members are billing the…

Read More I don’t think that our Committee members should be paid UNITS.