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Sam Harris, in November 2020 said he was turning in his “imaginary membership card to this imaginary organisation”, because some members of the group were sounding “fairly bonkers.”

What is “real” what is “imaginary” and in what ways does it matter?

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To clarify the future risks, they laid out two scenarios, each of which would get its own moniker: There was cyberwar, and also netwar. The latter—with its dated reference to the “net”—feels even more anachronistic than “the cyber,” but the idea is surprisingly contemporary. For Arquilla and Ronfeldt, netwar is a social and commercial phenomenon.…

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“Cooperatives are seen, broadly, as something extremely positive, bringing a voice to people who don’t always have a voice in the workplace. The question was how to bring that model to the internet,” said Trebor Scholz, founding director of the New School’s Platform Cooperativism Consortium, which supports research and entrepreneurship for technology-driven cooperatives.

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“Intellectual historians have never really abandoned the Great Man theory of history. They often write as if all important ideas in a given age can be traced back to one or other extraordinary individual – whether Plato, Confucius, Adam Smith or Karl Marx – rather than seeing such authors’ writings as particularly brilliant interventions in debates that were already going on in taverns or dinner parties or public gardens (or, for that matter, lecture rooms), but which otherwise might never have been written down.

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1:29 memes as globs of snot going p2p
1:00 emotions as weak point – sadness to anger
1:34 washing your hands
1:45 propagation, mutation and selection
2:45 the evolution of anger
2:48 how come we argue about wokers but never WITH wokers
4:05 they aren’t competing they are symbiotic
4:21 more allies mean more enemies
5:11 seriously how come we argue about wokers but never WITH wokers
5:59 emotive reasoning and general hygiene
I put the wokers bit in

I think it fits, like a glove

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We have an election over here, (Australia) this party has a policy on civil and digital libertiesI know it’s brief, but does it make any sense ?I have to vote tomorrow so it’s urgent, please

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