personal attacks

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What are personal attacks

1) name-calling, like “idiot”, “narcissist” etc

2) Accusing anyone of misdeeds in this forum if you have a problem. Work it out, take it to mediation.
Don’t bring it here

3) Bullying, if you have power don’t attack those without power, especially in public, and support quiet people

4) If people ask you to stop a specific behaviour, STOP

5) No one too special, not me, not the MC, not the admins

6) please everyone take responsibility, if you see someone being attacked call it out


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1) We have to make it a safe environment so there should be NO personal attacks. Complaints are another issue but a complaint requires more than just attacking someone in our public forums

2) Admin can’t just delete post and comments that irritate or distress them, these are official records

3) Records need to maintained, even if someone’s comments or posts are removed there needs to be a record

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