Le Frou Frou 20', journal humoristique (1899) print in high resolution by Leonetto Cappiello. Original from the Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

I can access free clipart and other graphics, there are a plethora

I would like to provide customers with a styled library and offer to modify those files as a service

SVG files are easy to adapt

.svg files can contain animation

There are plugins and there are safety measures such as only allowing admins to load .svg

There is a useful plugin

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There are a few competing definitions for ‘open source software’. However, generally for software to qualify as
I can help with this

open source, users must be able to freely (in relation to rights, not payment) copy, study, adapt, improve and distribute the source code of the software. 

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1) We have to make it a safe environment so there should be NO personal attacks. Complaints are another issue but a complaint requires more than just attacking someone in our public forums

2) Admin can’t just delete post and comments that irritate or distress them, these are official records

3) Records need to maintained, even if someone’s comments or posts are removed there needs to be a record

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Policies are a set of agreed guidelines about what and why our organisation does what it doesProcedures are about how to do these things. They need to be documented and published and they are usually open to change as circumstance change Writing policies and procedures usually takes some particular skills and all stakeholders should be…

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Learn how to set up a membership area on your website using built-in features of WordPress in this nifty step-by-step tutorial!
Let’s say that you (or your client) want to set up a membership area on a WordPress site with little to no money to spend on web development (sounds familiar?)
Whenever I hear someone mention that they want to set up a members-only area on their site (it happens a lot when you mingle with businesses who want to go ‘fully digital’, trust me!), the first thing I want to do is find out what they need and want to achieve.
Do they really need a fully automated membership site hosted on a dedicated server with all the bells and whistles, or just a basic way to protect access to some content for a specific user group?

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I am thinking today about how to work together in small groups of volunteers Specifically in the emerging BrisLETS MC The first point for me is that we are volunteers so “directives” “orders” and coercion are a shallow bluff. If we want someone’s cooperation we need to invite it. It’s much “easier” when you hold…

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Download a free CRM template for Excel or Google Sheets – A simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for small businesses. Source: Free Excel CRM Template for Small Business CRM References [1] Customer Relationship Management – – This wikipedia page, although lacking substantive information, opened my eyes to the wide variety of ways that…

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