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This “white” stuff gets up my nose
as far as I can see “white” was a term invented not so long ago to justify exploiting people
“white” is not a skin colour
“white” is definitely not a “race”
“white” is basically a gang of robbers and membership of this gang is not something to be proud of.
I don’t and won’t belong to that gang

I’m not colourblind, I know that these old an ugly categories have immense impact on people’s lives.
The direction to go is out of it

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A year ago, El Salvador became the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender – alongside the US dollar, which the Central American country adopted in 2001 to replace its own currency, the colón.

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Yankee Volunteers Marching into Dixie in 1862 by More: Original public domain image from Smithsonian

Humans are programmed to think we’re right at all costs. Fighting that instinct will set you free. Source: How to Get Better at Admitting You’re Wrong – The Atlantic And so much more How to Build a Life A column about pointing yourself toward happiness by Arthur C. Brooks

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