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Citizens’ assemblies, a phenomenon that is gaining in popularity around the globe, date back to ancient Athens, where legislative panels, courts and councils were chosen via random selection. In a practice known as sortition, Greek citizens over the age of 30 were enlisted to debate governmental matters from city finances to military strategy. More recently,…

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How I hate that word, it’s calculated and manipulative and punishing as a stinger andfor me that’s not the point, the point is how to get the point across given the restricted band width I have questions 1) is it true 2) and if so is it consensual? 3) and if so, is it legal…

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To strengthen your association’s ability to manage disputes, we recommend that you:

  • appoint a member to be in charge of receiving and dealing with complaints
  • set up a system to record, track and monitor complaints
  • keep a record of any complaint that goes to mediation or court.

You should also consider adopting a grievance procedure. If you do not have a grievance procedure, the OFT has a draft example which you can use.

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