About This Site

Note: On this site, we’ve used a lot of .svg format images. SVG image is a kind of vector format picture. It has a very good displaying effect. No matter how you enlarge the image, the displaying effect will always be perfect. But some browsers may not display it correctly. The best browser to use this website is google Chrome. For some other browsers, like Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, they may not display the .svg image in the right way.  So we suggest you can use google Chrome to browser this site.  And if you meet any problem when reading this site, please contact us through eBay message. We’ll solve the problem quickly.


Thanks for purchasing our Starter Kit for Arduino learning. This site is mainly prepared for those novices who want to get some basic knowledge of Arduino. On this site, we’ve listed more than 40 lessons(more lessons maybe listed in the future), and a lot of other articles which introduce the basic electronic background knowledge. We hope they can give you some help and lead you to the more professional knowledge. Through these lessons, you’ll learn what’s Arduino and how to use it to perform some interesting projects from basics to complex.

Based on our experience, the customers’ knowledge are very different. Some people may buy the kit for their children for learning basic electronic knowledge, or just for making some of their own electronic items for fun. Some people maybe skilled college students who want to perform their dissertation articles. So it’s hard for us to prepare the lessons to meet the requirements of all people with different knowledge level. In these lessons, we mainly focus on the main hardware usage and arduino function usage. For those very basic electronic and programming knowledge, it maybe not included here, but we believe you can get some further help from other professional books or from internet. Anyway, “Interest is the Best Teacher!!!”.

Of this site, all the lessons are listed on the home page. Like the following image shows.

It’s better for you to read these lessons in sequence since the later lessons may need the knowledge of previous ones.

For each lesson, we also put the relative article links on the left sidebar. These articles usually are some basic background knowledge. Like the following image shows.

On the right, it’s the main lesson content.

Above of the lessons, it’s the navigation menu. It includes the “Lessons” menu for all the lessons, the “Appendix” menu for the background knowledge articles, etc. You can find the relative articles from these menu links.

Due to our limited knowledge, these lessons may have a lot of mistakes, or maybe not suitable for some learners for reference. We are grateful if you can contact us and give us your suggestions to improve them. At any time, you can contact us through our eBay seller account.

At last, thanks again for purchasing our kit. And good luck for your future learning!