Daniel Connell

Michell I’ve been reading your work for a while now, we met briefly at POC21 in 2015, and I really, genuinely do not want to be dismissing everything you’re saying, especially through ad hominem attacks, but;

You’ve become the epitome of a butt-hurt old white man.

Your entire issue with Cancel Culture is that you feel like you yourself are getting cancelled, but the sad irony is that, yes, you are, but more for your increasingly anachronistic wailing and flailing response to that than whatever the original issue was.

Get over it, or relegate yourself to irrelevance. As you’ve extensively pointed out, the world is different now. But it’s not factually incorrect just because you’re now feeling personally criticised.

Or don’t, your choice. There’s still enough TERFs who haven’t yet died of old age that you can probably still have a career a while longer if you continue to pivot hard enough into punch-down libertarianism.

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